The 'Falling Stars Challenge' is the New Way Crazy Rich Millennials are Showing off Their Wealth

People are literally falling out of helicopters for this wild new meme.
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Surely you've heard of the insanely decadent lives of "Rich Russian Kids" (RRK), and how they love to flaunt their wealth (and surgically enhanced butts) on Instagram by posing with their cars, yachts, butts, and other expensive playthings.

But now, there's a new way these wealthy millennials are showing off how rich they are: The "Falling Stars Challenge."

As the name vaguely implies, the challenge showcases rich people pretending to fall out of their expensive vehicles, such as cars, private jets, and yachts, and some choose to "accidentally" spill the contents of their designer purses on the ground.

Ah, yes. Just yesterday I, too, casually fell out my personal helicopter and dropped my million dollars in cash and someone took a perfectly timed picture of it...said no one ever.

This absurdly ostentatious Instagram trend first started in Russia in August, but couldn't be contained to just one country, and now is spreading like wildfire across the globe.

However, this trend is particularly famous in China, and has basically taken over the Chinese social media site Weibo, where the massive country's wealthiest individuals just cannot stop posting these flamboyant pictures.

The challenge is trending on the site with the Chinese hashtag #炫富假摔, which translates to "show off fake fall," and has over one million messages and 2.3 billion views.  

Not surprisingly, though, the "Falling Stars" meme became famous with commoners, too, and people took the opportunity to create their own humble versions of their ultra wealthy counterparts.

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