5 Things Middle-Aged Guys Can Do To Get Fitter and Stronger In Just 8 Weeks

Ditch that Dad Bod with this straightforward plan.

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Author Matt Roberts has been called Britain’s top personal trainer. The following is a breakdown of why he wrote (and what he covers in) his new book, Younger, Fitter, Stronger.

Frightening research first published by the University of Massachusetts in 2014 showed one generation of the male population was affected by a loss of testosterone — the vital hormone that controls sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle strength, and red blood cell production. 

Naturally, this compelled research into why this is a growing trend. 

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That research revealed a loss of testosterone in men in their early fifties of nearly 27 percent — a loss that clearly demonstrated negative impacts on healthy aging from lifestyle changes observed in men over the last 30 years.

Poor quality food, lack of correct exercise, higher levels of stress, poor digestive health, and harmful environmental factors have all played a part in this disturbing trend. Fortunately, these troublesome factors can be reversed with some relatively simple measures. 

Author Matt Roberts

This plan was created with following goals in mind for rescuing a declining body: 

  • Weight loss. Dramatically change your appearance, lose your paunch and moobs. Achieve the kind of body you had (or wanted) in your twenties.
  • Improved sleep. Replace restless nights with hours of restorative sleep.
  • Muscle mass. Halt the decline in muscle that occurs after age 30 for a stronger, better performing — and better looking — body.
  • Hair and nails. Improve the condition of your hair and nails.
  • Sex drive. Follow the program and your libido will soar. 
  • Appetite. Hunger pangs and cravings will disappear thanks to a targeted plan that will probably see you eating more calories than before, yet with visible improvements to your physique.
  • Stress. Discover how to halt the rise in stress hormones that can leave you riddled with anxiety.
  • Heart health. By boosting your muscle mass, you’ll increase your metabolism, improve the efficiency with which your body controls blood sugar, and reduce the likelihood of deadly conditions such as diabetes and stroke.
  • Focus. Watch as your concentration levels soar, leaving you better able to focus at work.
  • Self-confidence. Find yourself reaching new highs as you set – and achieve – goals you once thought impossible.

The Younger, Fitter, Stronger plan has five different factors for success. Treating each of these basic areas with equal importance will deliver the anti-aging effects you are looking for. 

1. Exercise

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How much and of what type of physical activity you do on a daily and weekly basis has a huge bearing on your hormone levels and your overall well-being. Make sure to exercise correctly — not just exercise for the sake of exercise. The right exercise plan will make you strong, stable and produce a young looking functional body.

2. Recovery

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Protein is vital

Often overlooked in a fitness regimen, recovery is hugely important – particularly so as we age. Fail to factor it in and you are asking for problems. Exercise is the stimulus, but it is the recovery that delivers the results. Making the most of your recovery and how it develops the body turns back to clock on the aging process.

3. Sleep

Sleeping Couple [Getty/Troels Graugaard]
Sleeping Couple [Getty/Troels Graugaard]

Far too many of us fail to get enough sleep to support our lifestyles. Yet a good night’s rest is paramount to our overall health. The reset process that goes on with a good night’s sleep makes sure that our hormonal triggering is on point and properly produce growth hormone and testosterone.

4. Diet

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What you eat influences not only how much you weigh but also your overall health and vitality. In the Younger, Fitter, Stronger plan, you will learn to eat nutritious and hormone-enhancing foods that won’t leave you feeling hungry.

5. Digestive Health

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Emerging science is uncovering the huge importance that a healthy gut and good digestion plays in our overall health and in the aging process. On our food plan your diet will be primed for getting this right.

Learn the fine details of this plan by purchasing Matt Roberts’ Younger, Fitter, Stronger: The Revolutionary 8-week Fitness Plan for Men on Amazon today.