Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Turning 52 With Fiery Bikini Pics

The ageless superstar also made her renewed relationship with Ben Affleck “Instagram Official.”

Jennifer Lopez Promo
Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez just turned 52, and no, we don’t believe it either. It might be buying the best nutrition and fitness advice possible in addition to being a dancer, it might be genetics, maybe witchcraft, who knows? But Jenny from the Block isn’t showing her age at all, and never has.

J. Lo knows how to celebrate, too—maybe most of us would celebrate if we arrived at 52 looking 26. She marked her July 24th birthdate with some stunning selfies, including video, and a single photo of her in an embrace with Ben Affleck

So in one photoset, she reminded the world of her timeless charisma and made her renewed relationship with Affleck—they first met in 2001 and their relationship went public in 2003—”Instagram official.”

This comes at a good time in general for Lopez. She’s in Maxim’s Hot 100 yet again. She released a single recorded with rapper Reggi El Auténtico, “Cambia el Paso” (Change the Step) in early July, is considering a Las Vegas residency, and she and Affleck are doing so well they’ve been touring LA mansions together

Meanwhile, Lopez’s ex Alex Rodriguez is doing Tik-Tok dances on his yacht. 

Nice to see everyone having a good time. 

Of course, it would be easy to do a retrospective of J. Lo looking incredible in swimsuits going back a quarter-century, but that seems cruel to everyone else in their 50s and it might crash photo-hosting websites around the world. 

So enjoy some more J. Lo below, and resist the urge to high-five or flip off Ben Affleck. Who hasn’t had that one ex that you realize much later was more of a keeper than you thought at the time? 

Well, very few have ever had an ex like Jennifer Lopez. Looking at her Instagram, it’s easy to believe a lot of guys’ hearts just couldn’t take the heat.