Kevin Durant Just Tied Michael Jordan For The Worst Possible Record

Durant missed 26 shots Monday night, tying Jordan for the most bricks in a playoff game.

In most cases, tying a record set by Michael Jordan would be a cause for celebration. In Kevin Durant’s case, it’s cause for self-immolation. 

In the Thunder’s 85-84 loss to the Mavs on Monday night, Durant shot a ghastly 7-33 from the field, tying Jordan’s record for the most missed shots in a playoff game. He also turned the ball over seven times. It was a nightmare performance for one of the league’s most consistent shooters.

KD missed jumpers. 

KD missed layups. 

KD turned the ball over in crucial spots. 

And through it all, he just kept shooting. That’s what superstars do, even on off nights. It’s why Jordan held this record before KD joined him. And why Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are also in the top five. How Kobe Bryant isn’t on it, we cannot say. 

If there’s any consolation for KD and the Thunder here, it’s that they only lost by a single point on one of the worst nights of their best player’s career. It was a night that also saw Russell Westbrook shoot 8-22 from the field. The chances of those two things happening again are about as good as the chances of Mavs winning this series—don’t count on either of them.