Kylie Jenner Under Fire For Taking 40-Mile Flight On Private Jet

Kylie is facing backlash from Twitter critics for the carbon footprint of her super-short PJ trip.

Kylie Jenner
Getty Images

Some eco-conscious Twitter critics are blasting Kylie Jenner for jaunting a mere 40 miles on a private jet.

The automated flight-tracking Twitter account @CelebJets posted Jenner’s alleged flightpath from Camarillo to Van Nuys, California—a journey that can take anywhere between 40 and 56 minutes by car depending on traffic, according to Google Maps.

The page estimated Jenner’s flight would only take three minutes, but later confirmed that the actual total flight time clocked in at 17 minutes.

Days after the flight, the 24-year-old Maxim Hot 100 beauty posted a black-and-white photo of an embrace with boyfriend Travis Scott staged between two private jets.

“You wanna take mine or yours?” she captioned the image.

Predictably, Jenner’s jet-setting ways sent the Twitterati into a frenzy. One user claimed that the carbon footprint of a 10-minute flight exceeds that of what a non-flying person creates in a year.

Another anticipated a hypocritical “environmental awareness” post to her Instagram Stories, writing, “Can’t wait to see Kylie Jenner post environmental awareness pics on her stories as if she isn’t single-handedly doing more damage to the environment than most of us with her 3 min flights.”

A third simply called her a “full time climate criminal.”

Here’s a sampling of more Twitter outrage over Kylie’s PJ scandal here:

Jenner has yet to respond to the social media backlash, but she appears to have restricted comments on all of her Instagram posts.