Here Are Tons of Cocaine Seized From Narcos On the High Seas

Enough for a blizzard of teeth-chattering fun.

The United States Coast Guard is damn good at rounding up narcos attempting to boat or even submarine drugs into the country, and they can prove it. As CNN reported Friday, a Coast Guard ship recently docked in San Diego and turned over a mountain of cocaine to the DEA:

The drugs, stacked on pallets, were unloaded by cranes on Thursday to the deck of a Coast Guard cutter docked at San Diego’s Broadway Pier before the DEA took custody of the narcotics.

The Coast Guard says the approximate 28,000 pounds of cocaine came from seizures off the coasts of Central and South America in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Dozens of smugglers were arrested.

That’s approximately $400 million in coke, for those of you playing at home. And CNN reports the haul was made in just the first three months of 2016, perhaps providing a little perspective on just how huge the deadly blizzard of cocaine blowing into the U.S. truly is in one year alone. 

The cocaine delivered to the DEA came from a variety of sources that reportedly included “‘go fast’ fishing vessels” as well as subs. However, CNN reported that nearly a ton of the haul was found simply floating in the water. 

If you lost about 1500 pounds of coke somewhere in the ocean off Central or South America, maybe check with the U.S. Coast Guard.

h/t CNN