Meet The Maxim Cover Girl Competition Runners-Up

These Top 10 finishers beat out thousands of competitors.

2020 Maxim Cover Girl Competition Runnersup Split Promo
Left: Gor Malakhov

Tattiana Johnson – 2nd Place

Dave Laus

California girl Tattiana Johnson hasn’t always had it easy, but with dedication and consistency, she has always persevered. “You don’t need to be a certain size or have certain things; just start with what you have,” she says. “Everyone is deserving of confidence in themselves and their ability to be their best self.” 

One of Tattiana’s favorite aspects of the Maxim Cover Girl competition was watching her campaign go viral and seeing the outpouring of love and support on her behalf. It was a dream come true to read all the comments and messages of how she inspired people all over the world to go after their goals and dreams. Tattiana is not stopping here however. This fierce woman has goals. 

Dave Laus

“I want to work with companies that are about inclusivity and embracing all kinds of beauty,” she says. She intends to “use this opportunity to show my marketability to other companies I would like to work with and continue my modeling career. I would also like to continue to build a platform to inspire others to go after their dreams and to dare to believe in themselves.” She is especially interested in supporting and encouraging children because “they are the key to making a better world.” 

When Tattiana is not modeling, she loves to read, journal, and spend quality time with her family. She also enjoys creating dream boards, kickboxing, yoga, writing erotic stories, pole dancing, and watching horror and action movies. Not only does she have the unique ability to make everything a motivational speech, but she is a motivated and creative person that goes after what she wants. “I am quite resilient, and one hell of an investment,” she declares. One additional note for the men: “I like men that admire and value ambitious women like myself. Check her out on Instagram @thisistattiana.

Heather Brock – 5th Place 

Josh Solomon

Heather Brock is an Earth-conscious entrepreneur currently living in Florida with her two boys. This Maxim Cover Girl experience has allowed her to test the waters of modeling as well as promote her business, Pure Essence of Earth, which makes and sells all-natural beard and skincare products for men and women. During this entire process, Heather was blown away by all the people she had supporting her. 

“I now realize that there are many people in my life who believe in me and feel I de – serve this,” she says. “I could feel the love!” As a new (and clearly successful) model, Heather says one of her goals is to be a positive influence on everyone. “I want to represent myself as just that —myself—and show that authenticity is a wonderful trait to have. I would also like to use modeling as a platform in efforts to promote being environmentally friendly.” 

She adds, “Conservation efforts are especially important to me. I love to volunteer in community cleanups, and I am passionate about helping to re – store our beautiful planet. I practice this within my business, with eco-friendly packaging and working towards donating to environmental causes. We have a one-of-a-kind planet, and we need to take care of it.” Heather uses her business to help do her part and encourages others to do the same. When not out saving the Earth, Heather spends a lot of time at her happy place, the gym, where she can hip thrust 365 pounds. She also loves spending time with her kids and her friends and going to the beach. 

One of the weirdest things she finds attractive in a man? “I am attracted to awkward. I am shy and can definitely be awkward so meeting an attractive, awkward guy is intriguing to me.” Check her out on Instagram @pure_essenceofearth.  

Stephanie Pavilonis – 6th Place 

Gor Malakhov

Boston-born Stephanie Pavilonis currently lives in Las Vegas and could not be more excited and humbled to have her own magazine feature. Two of Stephanie’s favorite aspects of the competition are connecting with kind, supportive, and gorgeous fellow women competitors, and that she was able to raise quite a bit of money for Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors. She feels this is such a good chance to tell other women who may not be in their ’20s (or even ’30s) anymore that you can be a beautiful, confident, and sexy woman at any age. 

Stephanie’s goal as a model is “to use this opportunity to get more expo – sure and continue to work with Maxim in the future and embrace their brand. Also, to prove to myself and other women it is possible to be smart, sexy, kind, wild and professional at the same time; to be proud of your body, mind, and soul; to enjoy life without feeling ashamed of it. 

When not working out, hiking the Red Rocks, trying new wines, and finding new recipes to cook (she makes a “to-die-for” chicken parmesan), Stephanie gives her time to the dogs. “I volunteer for the animal foundation in Las Vegas. I spend most of my time there giving all the homeless dogs love and attention. They are in their crates most of the day, so just to walk them for ten minutes or give them treats makes their day.” To add to her resume of being a Doctor of Pharmacy and frontline COVID-19 worker, Stephanie was the third-grade spelling bee champion. 

Some advice: “Be comfortable in your own skin. Be the best you can be. Embrace your flaws. Own it, rock it, be weird, be awkward, be sexy. Whatever ‘it’ is. Make your dreams a reality. Work for it, believe in yourself, and most importantly, be kind.” Check her out on Instagram @stephaniemarie1686.  

Sandy Piña – 7th Place 

Richard Evans

“Dream on!” says Sandy Piña, a bilingual Chicago-based teacher/ model/actress who grew up between Mexico and the US. “When I found out I was being featured in the magazine, I was completely ecstatic. I think being in Maxim is every girl’s dream. I feel utterly lucky to have been given the opportunity to not only represent the brand, but also to be featured in the magazine.” Even more, she is proud to have raised money and awareness for Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors. 

“Anyone that knows me, knows that I love giving back and my mission in life is to leave the Earth a better place. I am certain that my presence in the competition helped change the trajectory of someone’s life and that brings me enormous joy.” Sandy’s other philanthropic and charitable efforts lean towards children, immigration, human rights, and equality. 

What would Sandy say to her younger self and other girls out there trying to be successful in life? “I would say be kinder to yourself, trust your instincts and seize every opportunity that comes your way. And always remember that real beauty comes from within and how you make other people feel. And last, but certainly not least, always trust the process; God’s timing is always perfect.” When not working or finishing her degree at Harvard University, Sandy enjoys working out, painting, listening to jazz and blues, writing poetry, reading, and learning new things. 

“My family is really into real estate investment and we also own Pineapple and Co., so that keeps me busy along with other exploits,” she says, adding, “I want to thank Maxim for giving me the opportunity to be in a position to inspire others to be brave and follow their dreams, because dreams do come true, but they all start as a dream.” Check her out on Instagram @SandyPinaTV.  

Ashley Peckich – 8th Place 

Courtesy of Ashley Peckich

Finishing out the top 8 is a Pennsylvania girl with a lust for life. Ashley Peckich has been walking on clouds ever since she received the call that she would be featured in the magazine. To her, this is the chance for new opportunities in the fashion and modeling world as she hopes to represent a fun, stylish brand in the future. Without a husband or children, Ashley feels she has her whole life ahead of her, and this door has opened to help make her dreams come true. There have been some challenges along the way, however. 

“The hardest sacrifice I’ve had to make was realizing that I had to cut toxic people out of my life,” she says. “It’s upsetting but occasionally moving on with your life begins with goodbye.” Now, she tells herself and others to “always keep your chin up. Life is defined by the hard times, and it is these challenges that make you better.” Ashley enjoys dancing, dining, and spending time with family and friends. 

She is attracted to men with a five o’clock shadow and has the unique talent of picking things up with her feet, which always comes in handy when she has her hands full. “I’ve also been known to be particularly good at makeup and styling my friends. I have always enjoyed making them look and feel gorgeous.” Her main charitable endeavor is “rescuing animals and helping them find a fur-ever home. Unwanted animals have always had a special place in my heart.” 

Ashley’s favorite part of the Maxim Cover Girl competition was when she realized she had support from people back to grade school thru friends of today: “It’s an overwhelmingly good feeling.” Check her out on Instagram at @ashley_peckich.