Meet Maxim Cover Girl Competition Finalist Lucy Hislop

This globe-trotting model and philanthropist is on the rise.

Hair and Makeup: Zee Clemente
Location: Circa Resort & Casino, Las Vegas 

Meet Lucy Hislop, a stylish, sophisticated world traveler who has visited more than 50 countries and six continents. She bounces between New York, Miami, Medellín, and Costa Rica, as traveling and exploring new cultures is her true passion, and she considers herself a global citizen of the world. 

Hislop was voted into the third spot of the Maxim Cover Girl competition and plans to use her platform to further her philanthropic endeavors.

“I’m proud to be the founder and CEO of a foundation called Corazones Unidos, which translates to United Hearts,” Hislop says. 

“Our main focus is helping underprivileged children with their education. We also offer assistance with food and toy drives. I strongly believe our mission in life is to help others in need. That has always been, and will continue to be my purpose.”

Lucy’s impassioned humanitarianism doesn’t stop there. When asked what her favorite part of the Maxim Cover Girl competition was, she says, “I enjoyed being able to raise money to better the lives of our wounded American heroes—the brave men and women of our armed forces who selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to preserve the American way of life.”

One of Hislop’s dreams came true being a Maxim model, and she feels this is just the beginning of her journey. She advises others to never give up on their dreams, no matter how unattainable they may seem to be. “Every experience is a lesson. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn, but you never lose.”

Lucy is a hardworking, passionate girl boss who doesn’t only have an entrepreneurial spirit, but another hidden talent to boot. “Some might find it hard to believe that I love the culinary arts,” she reveals. “I may go as far to say that I’m a pretty talented chef.”

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