Paige Spiranac Reveals ‘Huge’ Career Change After Maxim Hot 100 Cover

“This year has been a huge change for me, and I think it’s because I’ve had this mainstream attention with Maxim, outside of just sports and golf.”

(Gilles Bensimon)

Paige Spiranac’s life has changed in a big way since graduating from “OG Insta golf girl” to “world’s sexiest woman.”

On a recent Instagram AMA, the 29-year-old Maxim Hot 100 leader and reigning cover star revealed that the honor has catalyzed her already-successful career as social media’s biggest—and most beautiful—golf influencer.

(Photography: Gilles Bensimon, Styling: Caroline Christiansson, Location: The Confidante Miami Beach, Hair: Derek-Peter Williams using Oribe/, Makeup: Leslie Lopez using Chanel/, Production: Jessica Athanasiou-Piork)

“I’ve been pretty lucky with my career that it’s been a pretty steady incline, despite everyone thinking that I was never going to be successful, but this year has been a huge change for me, and I think it’s because I’ve had this mainstream attention with Maxim, outside of just sports and golf, so it’s been incredible,” Spiranac said in an Instagram Story, per the New York Post.

Spiranac’s Maxim cover has certainly been a hit with her fans. Her Maxim cover IG reveal received 238,000 likes and helped push her following from 3.3 to 3.5 million.

“I think I broke IG lol I went to check my post and it was gone so let’s try this again!” she wrote in June.

“I am so honored by being named the sexiest woman alive by @maximmag this year! When I got the I kept asking them, ‘are you sure?’ because I was truly in disbelief.”

“I just want to take the time to thank you guys for all the love and support you give me daily,” she told fans in a separate Instagram Story. When a fan asked what she’s most proud of, Spiranac responded, “I’m proud of how resilient I am, especially in my career.”

“I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum, and when everyone was telling me no, and to be different. To look different, I’ve stood my own ground. I’ve talked about things that I believe in, and I think that’s why I’ve been so successful cause I’ve just been authentic to who I am.”

During the interview accompanying Spiranac’s Maxim cover, the gorgeous trailblazing golfer reflected on a wild journey that saw her rise as a top junior prospect, fall as a sputtering pro, and rise again to become the world’s most-followed golf influencer.

“If you told me, senior year of college, that my life would take this path, I would have laughed in your face,” she says.

“I never expected any of this to happen, but I’m so grateful that it did. I’m really able to love who I am and what I’m doing through content creation and being an influencer. So, I’m happy with how everything turned out. I wish I played golf at a higher level and accomplished more, but I wouldn’t trade this for the world.”