Now You Can Buy All The Cuban Cigars and Rum You Want

It’s about time.

Woman with cigar
(Photo: Getty images)

Woman with cigar
(Photo: Getty Images)

The easing of U.S.-Cuba relations has resulted in many good things for natives of both nations. Americans can travel a little more freely to the beautifully decaying communist country, and Cubans can benefit from American money.

Cuban cigar and rum manufacturers will be extremely happy now. Reuters reports that President Obama has made it so you can bring back as much rum and as many cigars as you can pack from Cuba—as long as you pay the appropriate duties.

In a statement regarding this new effort to improve the connection between countries, Reuters reports Obama said in a statement that he “approved a Presidential Policy Directive that takes another major step forward in our efforts to normalize relations with Cuba.” 

It is part of a larger effort, according to President Obama, to make America’s “opening to Cuba irreversible.” 

Casual tourism in Cuba is still essentially illegal for Americans, but if you’re one of those who fit into the 12 categories of allowed travelers, you’re now on notice: next time you head to that tropical island, friends and family are going to rely on you to bring the party home, big time.

h/t Reuters