United Airlines Is Getting Brutally Ripped By Jimmy Kimmel and Practically Everyone Else on Social Media

Can’t say they don’t have it coming…

Nothing bridges America’s cultural, economic and geographic divides like an obvious case of stupid corporate malfeasance. It’s the only time we take a break from hating each other and direct all of our ire at one easily-despised target.

United Airlines proved that again this week after video surfaced showing Chicago police violently dragging a paying customer off a flight. The saga began when United tried to find four passengers to give up their seats so employees could use them. When no one volunteered, the airline began selecting passengers for removal. Dr. David Dao, a physician and card sharp, refused and the following ugly incident was caught on video.


If this didn’t make the company easy eanough to hate, its CEO later doubled down, referring to the man’s removal from the flight as “re-accommodation.” You know, like how a carjacker re-accommodates you from your vehicle. 

Needless to say, the incident provoked a torrent of criticism and mockery. Jimmy Kimmel provided one of the best bits, which produced the above image of a flight attendant with brass knuckles. 


Conan O’Brien, meanwhile, snuck a joke into his monologue. “A Turkish airline crew helped deliver a baby onboard a flight,” he said. 

“And then, in keeping with the times, the baby was dragged from the plane by security. It was overbooked, that’s what you do! Get outta here, baby!”

Plenty of celebrities chimed in on the fiasco, but these are the ones who did so with a little humor. 


As much as we appreciate famous people taking time from their busy lives to provide us topical tweets, they’ll never out-do the pros. 

These are the meme makes who live for moments like this, when America’s attention is trained on one story and they can produce gems like this: