Here’s Why You Should Never Line Toilet Seats With Toilet Paper

This one is a game-changer, people.

toilet paper

Taking a dump in a public place isn’t fun for anyone. If most of us had our druthers, we’d do our business once a day, before showering, seated on our home toilet. Unfortunately, our bowels often have other plans.

When forced to take a dookie in a public restrooom—or the office—you probably throw some sheets of toilet paper on there. “Gee,” you think, “at least I’m sitting on clean paper instead of where Carl from accounting just took a shit.” Well, my good-intentioned friend, according to science, you’d be wrong.

The Sun just reported that, indeed, experts have revealed it is not healthier to line the toilet seat with a barrier of toilet paper. Here’s why:

Toilet seats are made from materials that prevent bacteria from spreading in the first place. So where are all the germs in the bathroom if they aren’t on the seat? You guessed it—they’re on the toilet paper. Think about it, no-one is touching the toilet seat with their bare hands, but almost everyone is touching the toilet paper. Plus every time the toilet gets flushed a ton of nasty germs get spread around and fly through the air. Lots of those germs end up on the absorbent toilet paper roll, so when you place it on the seat you’re sitting down right on top of them.

The moral of the story? Learn how to hover.

h/t FHM