These Are the 20 Qualities of a Good Man, According to Women

Here’s what they *actually* want in a man.

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

According to online surveys of 1,000 women conducted by Princeton, New Jersey’s Opinion Research Corporation and, ladies find a guy’s personality much more important than his physical attractiveness.

The surveys revealed that most women want the man in their life to be faithful, dependable, a good listener, and have a sense of humor and style.

Meanwhile, only 13 percent of the women in the study said that being muscular is important for physical attractiveness, whereas a whopping 66 percent said that a man’s moral integrity will “make me quiver,” reports Men’s Health.

Here, are the 20 qualities of an actually attractive man — not just physically attractive — according to women, and divided by category:

Character Traits 

Faithfulness, dependability, kindness, moral integrity, “fatherliness”–which is defined as being patient and caring and having the desire to be a father.

Personality Traits 

Sense of humor, intelligence, passion, confidence, generosity.

Practical Skills 

Listening, romancing, being good in bed, cooking and cleaning, earning potential.

Physical Attributes

 Sense of style, handsomeness, height, muscular build, fitness.