Video of Bartender Face-Punching Woman Who Smacked Her Butt Has Gone Viral

She earned that beatdown.

Woman smacks butt

Just about everyone has seen the viral video of a waitress totally owning a creep who smacked her ass in a bar. It was awesome. 

The latest “people getting aggro in a bar” viral video is similar but there’s a hell of a twist: both smacker and smackee are women.

Yahoo Lifestyle gives the details.

The server was pouring a shot into a customer’s mouth when the assault happened. Meanwhile, the man just really wanted a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.

After the woman, who looked shocked that she was attacked after she touched a person without their permission, was taken outside by security, the bartended finished pouring the shot and shimmied her breasts in the man’s face.

It’s funny because the Yahoo blog post’s headline is “Man who only wanted a shot of whiskey trapped in awkward situation when bartender attacks woman who spanked her,” which kind of makes it sound like the bartender was the agressor. Hell no, she was not. The blonde earned that clap-back. 

A tweet from another customer revealed that this isn’t even the first time the bartender has had to stop while giving out shots and school a rowdy woman.

The lesson seems pretty clear: Just because you share a gender, you don’t get a pass from being punched because you touched a stranger’s ass. 

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