The World’s First Weed-Friendly Gym Is Coming To San Francisco

It’s biceps and blunts from here on out.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.19.17 PM.png

The disparate worlds of fitness and marijuana are awesomely colliding as San Francisco seeks to open the very first marijuana-friendly gym

Fitness-conscious pot smokers will be able to toke up all the time at Power Plant Fitness while pumping that sweet iron. Jim McAlpine, co-founder of the establishment and creator of the cannabis event series, 420 Games promises that despite all that weed smoking, people will definitely be working out.

“It won’t be a place to get high and just screw around,” McAlpine insists on the 420 Games website. “We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side.”

Prior to a full time commitment to Power Plant Fitness, members must take part in a “cannabis performance assessment” to acknowledge how much weed is too much before you’re rolling right off that treadmill. 

There’s no word as to when it’ll open, how much it’ll cost, or if this is even a good idea: Most of us are familiar with the after-effects of a few tokes, which often involves eating nachos and watching Animal Planet. 

Best of luck, World’s First Weed-Friendly Gym. We’re rooting for you.

h/t TechInsider