Inside Jose Cuervo Cristalino Nights Miami Featuring Cloonee & HoneyLuv

The first of two free parties thrown by the world’s biggest tequila brand featured killer DJ sets and Cuervo Cristalino cocktails.

HoneyLuv kept the party going at the first Cuervo Cristalino Nights event (Loamis Rodriguez | MATTE Projects)

Presented by Jose Cuervo

Top-shelf tequila, electrifying DJ sets and energetic atmospheres are what partygoers can expect from Cristalino Nights, a pair of free events thrown by Jose Cuervo, the world’s No. 1 tequila brand.

Cloonee brings the energy to the Cuervo Cristalino Nights event at Club Space in Miami, Florida (Loamis Rodriguez | MATTE Projects)

The first thrilling iteration of Cristalino Nights went down in Miami on September 14 at Club Space, one of South Florida’s hottest night clubs—click here to see the envy-inspiring recap.

Live sets from DJ Scollo and Natalia Roth kicked off the evening before EDM extraordinaire HoneyLuv took the stage, while a killer headlining set by “Fine Night” artist Cloonee closed out the night.

Welcome Tjelmeland, Georgia Hassarati, Kayla Richart, Sebastian Melrose and Joey Joy (Loamis Rodriguez | MATTE Projects)

As guests danced and vibed, they were treated to cocktails mixed with Cuervo Cristalino—Jose Cuervo’s excellent entry into the booming cristalino tequila category.

Among the attendees were stunning stars of the British reality dating series Too Hot to Handle, including Georgia Hassarati, Sebastian Melrose, Welcome Tjelmeland, Kayla Richart and Joey Joy.

Sebastian Melrose and Georgia Hassarati sip Cuervo Cristalino cocktails at the Cristalino Nights event at Club Space in Miami, Florida (Loamis Rodriguez | MATTE Projects)