YouTube Fitness Sensation Jamie Koufos Shares 3 Pro Tips to Help You Get into Shape

These strategies, mindsets, and habits are sure to set you up for success, no matter your place on the fitness ladder.

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It is never too late to start getting in shape. We all deserve to experience the full power of our bodies. There are countless benefits associated with getting fitter. Not only do you get to enjoy the benefits of good health, but you also get a boost of self-confidence and serotonin. We recently sat down with YouTube’s favorite fitness expert, Jamie Koufos, for his top 3 tips to help you get into shape. 

From beginners to fitness fanatics, these 3 tips on strategies, mindsets, and habits are sure to set you up for success, no matter your place on the fitness ladder.

Stay Active

Hitting the gym 5 times a week or going for a run in the morning, then sitting at a desk all day isn’t going to do you much good.

“Being Sedentary is your biggest enemy. Compartmentalizing fitness to a couple of hours every day is not an ideal solution. Instead, get off your chair from time to time, move around, and maybe even go for a few squats or jumping jacks. These low-intensity movements can do make a big difference over time,” suggests Koufos.

 You don’t need fancy equipment or complex timetables – simply work these movements into different corners of your everyday life. For example, you can do a few stretches before breakfast or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Eat Smart

Unless you are a professional whose livelihood depends on maintaining a strict dietary regime, counting every calorie and looking at portion sizes isn’t all that necessary. But getting into shape cannot be achieved through exercise alone. Koufos says that diet plays a huge role in your fitness – 80%, in fact.

“People live in extremes –they are either very strict with every little detail, or they don’t seem to care at all. In the long term, both come crashing down. What people should do is eat healthy, in whatever quantities their bodies require. Nobody can dictate the portion sizes of your meal. Just make sure to include plenty of nutritional items and feel free to skimp on the guilty pleasures.” This is Koufos’s take on how to incorporate good dietary habits into your fitness regime.

Be Consistent

“Fitness should be a habit, not a fad,” is Koufos’s now-famous mantra.

 While many people looking for quick results go for high-intensity workouts in short bursts, what fitness experts like Koufos recommend is to take baby steps; give your body time to acclimate. The results that positively impact your body in the long-term aren’t achieved overnight, especially not with the “Get Fit in 7 Days” type of workouts.

Inconsistency in fitness can cause irreversible damage to your body. When you suddenly begin high-intensity workouts and stop just as abruptly, your body gets no time to adapt. This means, in some cases, people end up in a worse place than when they started.

Fitness is a long-term commitment you make to your body. Koufos recommends starting slow, then progressing gradually. And most importantly, don’t quit.