Airstream Electrifies Iconic Travel Trailer With eStream RV Concept

This sleek, solar-powered electric camper allows travelers to live off the grid for weeks and syncs with a smartphone app.

Airstream has debuted a new RV concept that brings the beloved travel trailer brand into the electric vehicle age.


The classic aluminum-shelled camper’s parent company, Thor Industries, unveiled the all-electric eStream concept that uses 80 kWh batteries to send a maximum output of 242 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque to two motors, one per wheel.


With that electric power, the motors can assist in towing duties for up to 300 miles or even move the eStream around a campsite independent of a vehicle. Using a smartphone app, the camper can be guided to a parking space or a trailer hitch at low speeds.

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Car and Driver reports that 900 watts worth of solar panels allow users to live off the grid for up to two weeks, powering everything from heating and lighting to integrated Amazon Alexa voice control.


Other details were scarce, as the eStream is only a concept for now. But it’s easy to imagine how a similar all-electric platform could eventually be adapted to multiple members of Airstream’s fleet, like the 22-foot Caravel or 33-foot Classic Travel Trailer. EV-curious RV fans will surely be interested in hearing more about Airstream-branded trailers equipped with cutting-edge electric tech.