This All-Electric Vintage Ford Mustang Is The Quickest One Ever

Its 0-60 time is truly electrifying.

Looking for a ride that boasts classic muscle car looks and Tesla-like acceleration? Then hopefully you have a quarter-million bucks to drop on this all-electric, 1960s-style Ford Mustang. 

Charge Automotive is building a limited-run of 499 convertible and coupe ponies equipped with electric power plants capable of hitting 60 mph in just 3.09 seconds. That’s quicker than any production Mustang Ford has ever made. 

You’ll have to lay off the gas—or kilowatts, rather—if you want to maximize the EV’s 124-mile range. 

Inside, the London-based startup promises each example will have a “luxury bespoke interior” with state-of-the art components and a personalized digital interface.   

Other details like charge-time or max speed haven’t been released, but you can rest assured knowing the London-based startup’s engineers have quite a pedigree with experience on projects for Williams F1, McLaren, and Jaguar Land Rover.

For just under $6,500, you can reserve an electrified Mustang from Charge Automotive—just be ready to cough up another $250,000 when they begin shipping in September of 2019.