The Arrera SD+ Aims to Be World's Fastest Car With 1,800 HP

Albania's first hypercar is targeting a mind-blowing top speed of 310 mph-plus.
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Arrera SD+ (2)

The Arrera Automobili SD+ isn't just vying to be the Balkan country of Albania's first hypercar, but the fastest roadgoing ride in the world. 

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Competing with established Bugattis and Koenigseggs of the world as a startup is a lofty proposition, but that's precisely what Arrera Automobili founder Qendrim Thaqi hopes to accomplish. 

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According to Motor 1 UK, the SD+ will boast a bespoke 90-degree 7.0-liter V8 built by Wolfgang Kizler. Predicted output on traditional fuel is 1,800 hp and 1,106 pound-feet of torque. 

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If a target weight of 2,712 pounds is achieved, that would make for a power-to-weight ratio of .664 hp per pound. That just undercuts the .67 hp-per-pound figure Bugatti teased before unveiling the track-only Bolide in 2020, which makes us wonder of Thaqi was inspired by the French marque's achievement. 

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To get there, the SD+ would be employ carbon fiber wherever possible. Thaqi has looked to Formula One for aerodynamic inspiration, as evidenced by a giant front splitter, rear wing, and an emblem in the back that deploys from the the engine compartment, allowing the oil pump to cool. 

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The target top speed is hidden in the name. "D" is the Roman numeral for "500," which in this context represents 500 kph, or 310.7 mph. The "+" promises to exceed that speed, and as for the "S," Motor 1 says it stands for Skanderbeg, an Albanian military commander. 

Thaqi ambitiously aims to create a physical version of the Arrera SD+ sometime next year. We're rooting for him. 

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