You Can Now Preorder This Futuristic Flying Car From ASKA

Take flight with the world’s first electric flying car by placing a $5,000 deposit.


New Future Transportation, Inc. (aka NFT Inc.) is a three-year-old California startup that might be almost as well-known as the likes of Apple soon. Especially if their new product, the ASKA electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, becomes a hit with consumers.

After all, the ASKA eVTOL is, according to NFT, the central product in “the world’s first consumer flying car showroom.” That’s right. It’s 2021 and the flying car you’ve been looking for since you first watched The Jetsons is here. 

The ASKA sales showroom is based in Silicon Valley, and in addition to featuring models of the company’s flagship vehicle, it is also set to be a “learning center about urban air mobility,” according to a press release from NFT.

The ASKA isn’t just some novel twist on a helicopter or essentially a plane with folding wings that let it navigate effectively on the ground as well as the air. The company touts its flying car as “a new door-to-door mobility option offering the freedom to choose to travel on the road or in the air.”

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The ASKA eVTOL seats four and in addition to normal earthbound driving can lift straight up (after all, the “V” stands for “Vertical”) as well as perform short takeoff and landing (STOL) maneuvers. According to the manufacturer, this futuristic ride will enable “people to live in a quality environment outside urban areas and to quickly and easily commute to the city center – door to door.”


Introductory models of the ASKA are powered by electric motors and have a purported range of “up to 250 miles.” The eVTOL also comes with what the manufacturer calls a “range extender as a redundant safety system.” 

The company states that the vehicle’s “electric system architecture” will eventually permit converting those range extenders to alternate sources of energy such as of ASKA enables future models to convert range extenders to any other energy source such as hydrogen.

Yes, you can preorder what NFT calls a “special limited edition” of the ASKA eVTOL, and it retails for $789,000. Head over to ASKA’s website to begin your order with a $5,000 deposit, which will ensure a spot on the preorder list. NFT says that deposit will be held in an escrow account and is fully refundable.” 

Getting in on the ground floor before the ASKA really takes off will also give those who sign up 1 share option in the company’s equity as long as they comply with securities laws. Customers who pay for VIP services receive a package that includes training for a pilot’s license, the option to customize your ride’s design, and personalized plates. 

Consumers willing to get in on the eVTOL action with the ASKA will need to be patient, however — the targeted delivery date is 2026, and that deadline depends on regulatory approval and certification. Learn more at