This 1,950-HP Japanese Hypercar Is The ‘Fastest Accelerating Car Ever’

The $3.6 million masterpiece is the quickest road car ever made.


The Owl electric hypercar by Japanese engineering firm Aspark has officially arrived in the United States—and the 1,950-horsepower beast boasts some truly staggering speed numbers. 

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A prototype of the Owl caused a stir when video emerged of a 1.9-second zero-to-60 mph run in 2018, matching the acceleration of Elon Musk’s long-promised Tesla Roadster and the Rimrac C_Two

Unfortunately for its American and Croatian competitors, Aspark has since achieved a sprint to 60 mph in 1.72 seconds on Michelin road tires with a foot-long rollout at Misano World Circuit, making it the quickest road car ever made (for now). Aspark’s other literature claims it could potentially dip down to 1.69 seconds with the same rubber and rollout. 


Autoblog spotted a red Owl with strikingly dihedral doors at The Gables Sports Cars in Miami, what’s assumed to be the sole U.S. dealer —a maximum of 10 of 50 examples will be sold in North America. For a predictably expensive $3.6 million, buyers get 1,950 horsepower and 1,475 pound-feet of torque from four permanent magnet synchronous motors, a range of up to 280 miles, and a top speed of 249 mph. 


Since the concept debuted at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, a number of design features have been changed. Two new airflow-directing external mirrors with cameras improve vision and are designed to “maximize a feminine shape.” 

An active spoiler deploys at 93 mph to provide downforce, and a McLaren Senna-/Lamborghini Countach-inspired window cutline was worked out for a clearer line of rearward sight.  


The Drive reports that despite being made in Japan, the EV was developed by Italy’s Manifattura Automobili Torino—a small volume automaker behind the James Glickenhaus’ SCG 003C and Apollo Intensa Emozione. But the Aspark Owl is surely MAT’s most impressive automotive project to date.