Aston Martin’s 1,139-HP Valkyrie Spider Is ‘Most Extreme Convertible Ever’

The hybrid Spider is a seriously wild topless supercar.

Aston Martin

Earlier this year, Aston Martin announced the Valkyrie AMR Pro, an absolutely madcap hypercar that’s targeting a Le Mans title. For the Valkyrie’s next trick, Aston engineered a removable carbon fiber roof to take title of “the most extreme convertible ever.”

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Aston Martin

Those are the words of CNET’s Roadshow, and they’re not using hyperbole. The Valkyrie Spider has all of the coupe’s 1,139 horsepower, which is produced by a 6.5-liter V12 hybrid unit that revs to 11,000 rpm.

The body now features a bespoke, removable lightweight roof comprised of a central carbon fiber panel that latches onto the tub at the rear and windscreen surround, alongside a pair of polycarbonate “roof windows.” To make roof removal a cinch, the coupe’s top-hinged gullwing doors have been swapped for front-hinged dihedral doors.

Aston Martin

Aston also made modifications to the active aero systems to ensure the performance is affected marginally. The Valkyrie Spider tops out at 205 mph without the roof and 217 mph with the roof installed.

LMP1 race car-besting track times are still promised, thanks to the drag-reducing Venturi tunnels and sheer amount of downforce created by feeding the rear diffuser. The interior also retains the coupe’s Formula 1-like seating position, six-point racing harnesses and a rearview camera system.

Aston Martin

Only 85 Aston Martin Valkyrie Spiders will be produced for an unknown cost to the buyer, with the first deliveries beginning in 2022.