Meet The Aston Martin Victor, a Modern Muscle Car With 848 Horsepower

This blacked-out beauty is Aston's most powerful naturally aspirated ride ever.
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Aston Martin Victor (9)

Aston Martin's most exclusive model of 2020 isn't the one-of-88 V12 Speedster, the "007 Edition" DBS Superleggera, or the 2021 DB11 V8 "Shadow Edition"—it's an 800-plus horsepower muscle car with a manual transmission. 

Aston Martin Victor (7)

The British marque's bespoke Q Division created exactly one Victor for a client who wishes to remain anonymous, but many key details were released upon its debut at the Hampton Court Palace Concours in the UK. 

Aston Martin Victor (5)

Its lines hark to the 1970/80s-era V8 Vantage, known by some as Britain's first supercar. CNET's Roadshow notes that the massive open grille, round headlights, beefy front splitter, ducktail spoiler and robust rear haunches all make for an aggressively musclebound look that's unlike anything in Aston's current stable. 

Aston Martin Victor (8)

Power comes from a 7.3-liter V12. That's the same engine at he core of limited edition One-77 hypercar, but this version has been tuned by the UK's Cosworth to send 848 horsepower and 606 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels via a a Graziano six-speed. In addition to being one of a kind, the Victor is the most powerful naturally-aspirated Aston ever.  

Aston Martin Victor (1)

Its carbon-fiber monocoque chassis is also based on the Victor's but received more modern components from the 2015-year Vulcan to keep weight low and downforce high. 

Aston Martin Victor (4)

The brown and green leather-swathed cockpit features high-end materials like walnut wood, cashmere, satin carbon fiber and titanium, as well as a central touchscreen, digital gauge cluster, and a race-style steering wheel.  

Aston Martin Victor (6)

What price the buyer paid for for the Victor is unknown, but it was definitely well into the seven-figure range. Keep that in mind if you're lucky enough to see it in the wild.