This Self-Flying Airship Can Help Cops Catch Bad Guys From Above

This could be a game changer for law enforcement.

The future of law enforcement could look like an unmanned Hindenburg—one that won’t burst into flames.  

As an asset for police or rescue crews, Avalon Airships’ Eos can scan even the most treacherous disaster zones with multiple high-resolution cameras from great altitudes for days on-end.

While the autonomous vehicle isn’t exactly stealthy, it is virtually silent and produces zero emissions thanks to high-torque electric motors powered by solar panels, wind generators and batteries. Combined with the ability to travel as for 300 miles and touch down in any suitable body of water, the blimp-like aircraft can cover more ground faster than earth-bound units employed by police, fire or medical departments. 

Avalon Airships

A remote control drone can also be deployed from one of the Eos’ many storage compartments to deliver medical or survival supplies to stranded parties until other help arrives.

As a transport vehicle, the Eos could also haul freight to almost any location in record time without clogging up roadways at low cost to shipping companies. Admittedly, that application isn’t nearly as cool. 

Take a closer look at the radical concept airship in the gallery above. 

h/t: Designboom