The BMW R9T 'Cobra' Bike Is a Killer Cafe Racer

Only 10 of these lethally cool motorcycles will be made.
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Hookie Co. Cobra  (2)

Germany's Hookie Co. is taking full advantage of the 2020 BMW R NineT's customizable platform with a limited-edition run of "Cobra" bikes. 

Hookie Co. Cobra  (3)

Working around German 1,170cc flat-twin, the Dresden-based outfit added a new intake system with pod filters and a blacked-out custom exhaust that matches the frame, subframe and brake rotors. The decidedly dark finishes are contrasted by glistening bronze fork tubes. 

Hookie Co. Cobra  (5)

Bike EXIF notes that there are a number of modern elements, including a straight top frame rail, a lean Bimmer tank tank topped with a knurled fuel cap, an aggresive seat pad that's 805mm off the ground, and a sportbike-style front fender. Other features include heated grips, LED lights, automatic stability control, and anti-lock brakes. 

Hookie Co. Cobra  (4)

Hookie Co. is only making 10 Cobras in five colorways. "Toxic Red" is pictured, and the first example has already been spoken for. "Electric Yellow," "Stealth Pattern" gray and black," "Dark Cooper" brass and "Ice Blue" will each get one build now and another build in fall. 

Hookie Co. Cobra  (1)

Visit Hookie Co.'s website to order an R NineT Cobra  for $38,000 all-in.