This Blacked-Out, 3D-Printed BMW R9T Is Ready To Rumble

Just 23 of these limited-edition bikes will be built.
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VIBA Cara (2)

French custom motorcycle company VIBA joined forces with the European country's Erpro 3D Factory to craft a murdered-out take on the iconic BMW R nineT dubbed "Cara." 

VIBA Cara (6)

As the name suggests, VIBA aimed to give the menancing moto a feminine aesthetic. "Through her shapes, subtleties are appearing. A bit of pattern or an fancy detail, like a feminine lace bellow a dress," the company writes. "Curves are elegant and continuous, drawing and connecting perfectly elements between them, and shades of materials are highlighting every parts designed exclusively for Cara." 

VIBA Cara (4)

Hi Consumption reports that the build involved a number of SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D-printed parts, including its stainless steel subframe, glass bead-reinforced polyamide sub-seat tray, and bi-injection silicone positioned beneath a tunneled tail section. 

VIBA Cara (1)

The computerized technique was also used to craft structural components like the handlebars and integrated speedometer, as well as the racy polyamide winglets and LED headlight's nacelle. 

VIBA Cara (5)

The Cara runs BMW's 1,170cc four-stroke flat-twin, while stopping power comes from four-piston disc brakes. Only 23 Caras will be produced—head to Viba's website to make a reservation.