BMW’s Latest M-Class Motorcycle Is Built For Long-Distance Journeys

A 200-HP stunner that handles country roads as easily as race track laps.

(BMW Motorrad)

A “long-distance sports bike” may sound oxymoronic, but that’s exactly what’s presented in the new BMW M 1000 XR.

(BMW Motorrad)

While BMW’s automobiles have long bore the M as a marker of the German marque’s most elite performance packages, the BMW Motorrad motorcycle division only introduced the M model range on bikes for a few short years ago.

The first was the M 1000 RR, which is an even more a souped-up version of the BMW’s flagship S 1000 RR superbike. That was followed by the M 1000 R, which put a slightly tweaked version S 1000 RR’s 999cc inline-four cylinder engine in a naked bike package.

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(BMW Motorrad)

Now, there’s the M 1000 XR—or M XR for short—which “has been tuned to meet the specific requirements of a long-distance sports bike,” says Dominik Blass, M 1000 XR product manager. “The riding dynamics speak for themselves, both on the country roads as well as on the race track and on long-distance journeys.”

(BMW Motorrad)

It still features a modified water-cooled inline-four that pushes a white knuckle-worthy 201 horsepower and 12,750 revs. But according to BMW, its suspension technology and aerodynamics are designed to do double duty, providing relative comfort and rideability on extended road trips while still putting up low numbers on track lap times.

According to Ride Apart, said suspension is electronically adjustable, offers 5.4 inches of travel, and features a 45mm upside-down telescopic front fork, and aluminum swingarm and an aluminum monoshock.

(BMW Motorrad)

An M-packed list of standard equipment includes dynamic damping control, an M battery, M titanium silencer, sport windscreen, adjustable steering damper, M brake and clutch levers, M seat, keyless ride, heated grips, cruise control, USB charging port, Headlight Pro with adaptive headlight, M winglets, and BMW’s Ultimate Care break-in service with purchase.

(BMW Motorrad)

The 6.5-inch TFT display is borrowed from the M 1000 RR and features an optional M GPS Laptrigger system to time laps that can be utilized via an unlock code. Riding modes include “Rain,” “Road,” “Dynamic,” “Race,” and “Race Pro1-3,” and those can be tweaked further via four adjustable throttle settings.

Priced from $29,995, the BMW M 1000 XR is available to order soon—click here to learn more.