This Carbon Fiber 1965 Ford Mustang Is A Beautiful 959 HP Brute

The beloved muscle car just got way more awesome.

Recent custom muscle cars from the geniuses at Ringbrothers have set new standards in exotic improvements to classic Detroit iron, so the company needed something new for its “Espionage” Mustang

Mike and Jim Ring succeeded in topping themselves by building an all-carbon fiber version of the classic ’65 that is a subtle 4 inches wider than the original car, providing more contemporary proportions without being too obvious about it.

 Naturally, the carbon fiber body is lighter and stronger than the old steel cars could ever be. But no bare carbon here to show off the technology. Instead, the Espionage is painted in the aptly-named “Spy Green” hue.

The extra-strong carbon fiber body shell is well-suited to withstand the onslaught of power from the car’s 959-horsepower, 858 lb-ft. supercharged 427 cubic inch V8. Alas, the engine choice is a bit of sacrilige to Blue Oval fans because motivation comes from a General Motors LS7 small block V8. Horrors!

Engine builder Wegner Motorsports installed a gigantic Whipple supercharger atop the LS7 to boost the engine to the Espionage’s eye-popping output. It is backed by a Tremec T-56 six-speed manual transmission, so automatic-only drivers need not apply.

Inside, the Espionage’s cabin is updated with Recaro bucket seats and Race Pak IQ3 instruments, along with billet aluminum pedals and a classic-style wood-rimmed steering wheel. 

Maybe next year Ringbrothers will have to make a carbon fiber steering wheel for their new project to top this Espionage.

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