The Cranchi E26 Classic Is a Gorgeous Retro Yacht

Old school sophistication meets modern technology in this glorious, Italian Riviera-ready watercraft.
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Channeling a bygone era of boating not seen since the heights of the 1950s Italian Riviera, the Cranchi E26 Classic watercraft is a luxurious combination of retro style and modern tech. Whether on the ocean, the sea or a great lake, this Cranchi will turn heads with its striking looks and impressive power.


Putting sportiness and sophistication first, the E26 is a marvel of engineering, regardless if it's a primary seafaring vessel or a tender for a superyacht. It mixes teak trim with a bold silver fiberglass body and smothers it all with clear, cutoff windows and a wraparound windshield.


Below deck, there’s a minimalist (but still comfortable) cabin that houses a bed and toilet. The E26 may not fall into the houseboat category by any stretch of the imagination but it will keep a couple comfortable when spending a night en route to the next port.


Above board, the rear sundeck, captain’s console and L-shaped, swivel chairs make the E26 a versatile option for spending the day on the water, regardless of what you intend to do out there. 


Coming in at just under 8 meters long and in both Diesel or Gasoline flavors (300 or 280 horsepower, respectively), Cranchi is mum on the exact price but orders are available now if you contact your closest Cranchi dealer