The Curtiss Zeus Is the World’s First ‘E-Twin’ Electric Motorcycle, Has Confederate DNA

It’s a 170-horsepower beast.

As promised, the newest bike from Curtiss Motorcycles—the company formerly known as Confederate—is all electric. And it’s totally badass.

The Zeus prototype boasts the “world’s first E-Twin” electric motor instead of the snarling V-Twin internal combustion engine that made two-wheeled Confederate masterpieces like the Wraith and FA-13 Combat Bomber so undeniably awesome.

Curtiss Motorcycles CEO Matt Chambers expanded on the design and advantages of the E-Twin in a recent interview with Drive Mag:

“The Curtiss models will deploy a modular architectural system, the design of which we’ve filed numerous patents on, as the foundation for an all-new Twin-Engine powertrain from the world leader in motorcycle torque production, Zero,” Chambers said. 

“Their all-new powertrain package embodies a classical proportion, that’s lower, narrower, and with superior weight management to any other two-wheeled EV,” he added. “The geometry and ergonomics are classic, too, empowering the rider with effortless control, as well as massive acceleration, top speed, handling, and comfort.”

Official specs and its price are forthcoming, but Autoblog has preliminary details: 

Power comes from a 14-kWh battery pack driving what its maker calls “the world’s first E-Twin power unit,” which is two high-output electric motors working a common output shaft.  

We’ve read elsewhere that Zeus numbers come in somewhere around 170 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque.  

Take a first look at “the all-electric hot rod god” in the gallery above.