Dom Toretto's Diabolical Dodge Charger From 'F9' Can Now Be Yours

A custom shop created an exact replica of the extremely badass muscle car seen in the latest "Fast & Furious" movie.
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Speedkore Hellacious F9 1968  Dodge Charger  (5)

Speedkore Performance has unveiled the a real-life version of the mid-engine 1968 Dodge Charger from F9 just days after the high-octane movie had the biggest box office opening since the pandemic began

The Wisconsin-based masters of Mopar monstrosities replicated the wonderfully batshit hero car piloted by Vin Diesel's Dom Toretto to a tee. Road and Track reports that a completely bespoke chassis was built to make room for a 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 between the axles. 

Speedkore Hellacious F9 1968  Dodge Charger  (2)

A six-speed manual Graziano transaxle from a Lamborghini Gallardo puts 707-horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque at the rear wheels. "Hellacious," as the custom is called, also employs a double A-arm front suspension from Detroit Speed and a double-wishbone suspension from Race Car Replicas out back, while QA1 contributed race-spec shocks. 

Speedkore Hellacious F9 1968  Dodge Charger  (1)

Sam Smith Designs was in charge of blueprinting the Charger's silhouette and lines to accommodate the engine transplant. The resulting carbon fiber-bodied brute boasts a widened, more aggressive stance made meaner with custom wheels measuring 18x10.5-inches up front and 18x12.5-inches out back. 

Speedkore Hellacious F9 1968  Dodge Charger  (3)

The sparse interior is built for raw speed, with analog gauges, a gated shifter, and a prominent hydraulic handbrake linked to four- and six-piston Brembos for anyone brave enough to channel Toretto's love of traveling sideways.

Speedkore Hellacious F9 1968  Dodge Charger  (6)

This isn't the only Speedkore build featured in the movie. The 1,650-hp 1970 Dodge Charger "Tantrum" returns from F7 after being gifted to Diesel on the set of F9 in 2019. 

While Speedkore hasn't listed pricing for those interested in buying the shop's latest bonkers masterpiece, interested parties should feel free to contact the Wisconsin shop directly. 

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