Is The Double-Wide Jeep Wrangler Real?

We really, really hope so.

Photo courtesy of The Unlucky Photographer

There seems to be some speculation as to whether this extra-wide Jeep is real – sadly, we can’t even trust the evidence of videos like the one below now that everyone’s 13-year old kid brother can make perfectly convincing fakes on their Ultrabooks while simultaneously pirating 15 terabytes of midget porn – but we really hope so. According the person who uploaded the video to YouTube, it’s the monstrous creation of a foreign diplomat living in Rabat, Morocco, which…yeah, sounds about as made up as it could possibly be (although we did Google this “Morocco” and it turns out that’s a real thing, so who knows?)

Real or not, it’s one step closer to our ultimate dream of welding two stretch limos together lengthways and opening the world’s first mobile bowling alley. And in the meantime, at least we’ve found the perfect wide-load vehicle for the Honey Boo Boo clan to get around in. Until they get to a drive-through, at least.

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