This Custom Muscle Bike Just Might Be the Baddest Ducati Ever Made

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Some of us might think that the Ducati Diavel power cruiser is pretty incredible looking, but for bike customizers, Ducati's muscle bike only represents a starting point for a truly intimidating ride.


So the Bolongnese bike maker tasked Belgian customizer Fred Krugger with building his vision of the ultimate Diavel, and the result is the Thiverval. This curious name is borrowed from a small track outside Paris, maybe because the names of big tracks have all be used before.


Fred Krugger (please tell us his parents called him Freddy!) is a two-time winner of the AMD Custom Bike Building World Championship and the Thiverval shows why.


Krugger cleaned up the Diaval's lines by emphasizing the engine, while hiding the trellis-style steel tube frame that is normally a Ducati signature.


And rather than ditch the factory headlight in typical tuner fashion, Krugger focused on rebuilding other key components, such as the gas tank and tail section. The taillight alone took days of meticulous labor, he reports.


And while black is the dominant theme, by alternating gloss, matte and chrome finishes, Krugger escapes monotony in the Thiverval's styling. 


Your own project Diavel is as close as your Ducati dealer. Or you could ride it as-is and still be cool.

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