Ride This Ultra-Futuristic Electric Motorcycle for 250 Miles on a Single Charge

Don’t get any ideas, Elon.

Before Elon Musk can create an “everyman” electric bike, students at a Swiss University beat him to the punch. 

We won’t say the blacked-out Ethec looks sleek, exactly, but it is extremely practical. The two-wheeled EV boasts a 250 mile range—considerably more than any models offered by the Santa Cruz-based Zero Motorcycles company. 

The increased efficiency is due in part to an integrated front wheel-hub motor that recuperates energy typically lost when braking on a conventional motorcycle. 

A sizable 1260-cell lithium-ion battery can be charged in just one hour. Ethec has even developed its own innovative thermoelectrical cooling system they say will preserve its battery’s performance for years. 

Other clever design components include a lightweight tubular frame, a trapezoidal fork that increases stability and a 7-inch iPad-like dash. 


Ethec already has a working prototype, so it may only be a matter of time before you see one of the futuristic bikes ripping through your neighborhood. Get a closer look in the gallery above. 

h/t: Inside Hook