Ford’s Self-Driving Electric Truck Could Be the Future of Big Rigs

Marvel superheroes inspired its eye-catching lines.

Ford has a self-driving electric semi-truck in the works, and it looks even cooler than Elon Musk’s commercial EV. 

The American automotive behemoth’s Turkish production base, Ford Otosan, unveiled the F-Vision Future Truck concept at the German IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in early September 2018.

It may not have the Tesla Semi’s “Mad Max” mode, but its eye-catching lines and design take cues from Marvel superheroes. 

Fox News has further details: 

The F-Vision was inspired by Marvel characters, the automaker said, and the way they change and adapt to environments. The motif is most present in the glass line, which descends and increases the field of view for an operator inside the cab.

The semi’s adaptable nature also comes with the F-Vision front face. Ford said an “interactive front end” can display different designs and communication methods, but didn’t go into further detail. 

The F-Vision will have Level 4 autonomous driving capability, meaning that it will be able to make trips without any human intervention. In self-driving mode, the windshield will blend into the body to make the semi’s shape even more aerodynamic. 


Ford didn’t release any details about power output, top speed or other  technical specifications of their first-ever concept truck. It was revealed alongside the 492-horsepower F-Max tractor-trailer, which won the 2019 International Truck of the Year Award at the IAA event. 

The Ford F-Max.

Take a closer look at the Ford F-Vision in the gallery above.