Ford Is Developing an Autonomous Police Car, So Prepare for RoboCop on Wheels

It won’t even stop you to give you a ticket.

Michael Bay via Flickr

Ford Motor Company may have designs on becoming the real-life version of RoboCop builder Omni Consumer Products, as the company has filed patents on an autonomous police car, according to Designboom.

This isn’t just a self-driving car. Ford’s supercop supercoupe would aim and operate on-board speed detection equipment, cameras and communicate with other devices in the area, such as stationary speed cameras, according to the report.

Michael Bay via Flickr

And your own car will rat you out to RoboCop on wheels, as planned vehicle-to-vehicle communications will let the rolling robot police machine download your photo and drivers license information directly from your car and send the ticket to your car wirelessly.

Orion Pictures

This approach would have the benefit of saving the time of sitting at the side of the road while the human cop sits in his car for 20 minutes allegedly checking to see if you’re a wanted ax murderer.

Ford Motor Co.

If they use Mustangs like Transformers 5 “Barricade” character, it could bring new meaning to “Five-O” slang when the cop in question is a Mustang 5.0.

h/t: Designboom