Meet Your New Favorite Electric Supercar, the 885-HP Frangivento Asfane

The eye-popping ride recently debuted on the streets of Monaco.

Jasper Braam via Autogespot

While some proposed supercars never advance beyond vaporware renderings on a computer screen, Italian newcomer FV Frangivento has not only built an example of its Asfane electric supercar, it has made it street legal so it could make this appearance on the streets of Monaco.

The Asfante, whose name means “it can’t be done,” in the local Piemontese dialect, is rated at 885 horsepower, which should provide performance commensurate with the car’s dramatic styling.

Jasper Braam via Autogespot

Frangimento’s technical partners for the Asfane read like a who’s who of Italian performance, with Pirelli tires, Brembo brakes, and Sparco seats leading the way.

Jasper Braam via Autogespot

Further details are unavailable so far, but with a street-legal example already running, we should hear more from Frangimento.

Frangivento via Instagram