The All-Electric Genovation GXE Is the Fastest Corvette Ever Made

This thing has 800 horses, hits 220 mph AND has a stick shift.
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Our friends at electric car constructor Genovation Cars Inc. have been teasing us with hot-performing prototypes of battery-powered C6 Corvettes, but now they've rolled out the planned production C7 version with 800 horsepower and a 220 mph top speed. (That's 10 more than the insane ZR1.)

Genovation Corvette2

While most electric cars connect the motor directly to the wheels, the Genovation GXE employs the same seven-speed manual transmission or paddle-shifted automatic as used by the conventional gas-fueled Corvette.

Genovation Corvette5

Either transmission permits 0-60 mph acceleration in less than three seconds and a driving range of 175 miles, thanks to the more than 700 lb.-ft. torque from the twin electric motors and a custom battery pack.


“Our objective is offering a sustainable all-electric high-performance supercar with record-shattering speed capability, paired with ample and efficient range, by harnessing and optimizing the very best of available technologies,” says Andrew Saul, CEO of Genovation Cars.

Genovation Corvette

The fiberglass bodywork is pure Chevrolet, but Genovation will set the GXE apart from combustion-powered 'Vettes with custom paint unique to each of the planned 75 cars. Deliveries are scheduled to begin this year at a price of $750,000.