Insane Hummer EV Garage Concept Doubles as Fantasy Desert Getaway

Dream house alert.


James Bond baddies drove Land Rovers in Spectre, but it’s safe to assume they’d consider GMC Hummer EVs if they could have this crazy garage/home hybrid as their lair.

Imagined among the red sands of SoCal desert, the fantastical design is an official collaboration between Hummer and famed interior designer Kelly Wreastler. 

Inside of metallic gates cleverly embedded with the “H” logo, a walled driveway leads to the abode’s bronze-roofed lower level, featuring a concrete construction, sparse decoration, and a gaping glass sunroof reminiscent of the Hummer’s. 

The highlight is a revolving elevator that brings the all-electric off-roader to the center of what Architectural Digest describes as a “livable garage. The lift and vehicle  serve in both artistic and functional capacities. 

Wood-beamed ceilings are split by another main-floor skylight, creating an indoor-outdoor ambience. AD reports that the space is furnished with CGI versions of Wearstler’s own pieces, including the Echo bench and Monolith accent table, as well as classic decor includes Willy Guhl’s Loop chair and Jan Ekselius’ Etcetera chair.

“The approach to the garage interior encapsulates my design philosophy, which is a mix of old soul and new spirit,” Wearstler said in a video showcasing the structure. “The perfect combination between the Hummer’s sense of discovery and the great outdoors.”