This 220 MPH-Plus Hydrogen Hypercar Runs For 1,000 Miles On a Single Charge

The mind-blowing Hyperion XP-1 could be a true Tesla killer.
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SoCal-based hydrogen propulsion company Hyperion has prototyped one of the most impressive electric vehicles to date in the XP-1.

Here are the quick and dirty specs: the all-wheel drive hypercar uses instantaneous torque to hit 60 mph 2.2 seconds on the way to 220-plus mph, runs for 1,000 miles on a single charge, and recharges in five minutes. That all sounds too good to be true, but Hyperion says that storing electric energy in hydrogen fuel cell systems vastly reduces weight while offering better handling and braking in comparison to lithium battery-powered EVs. 

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The groundbreaking three-speed powertrain is paired with a stunning exterior design that looks quite like a more futuristic version of the Koenigsegg Gemera, but with V-wing doors and a glass canopy. Another less drastic innovation is that the XP-1's active aerodynamic elements double as solar panels.

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Hyperion touts the XP-1 as "the culmination of nearly 10 years of development, testing, and research in hydrogen technology by over 200 researchers and scientists." Not much technical information was provided, but the technology was pioneered NASA and other aeronautical, engineering and space firms. Hyperion is applying the same tech to the commercial sector. 

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"The XP-1 was partially designed to function as an educational tool for the masses. Aerospace engineers have long understood the advantages of hydrogen as the most abundant, lightest element in the universe and now, with this vehicle, consumers will experience its extraordinary value proposition," said Hyperion CEO Angelo Kafantaris.

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More details will surely be revealed when the Hyperion XP-1 enters production in 2022. Click here to learn more.

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