James Bond’s Awesome Aston Martin DB10 From ‘Spectre’ Can Be Yours

But only if you’re willing to fork over $1.4 million for 007’s latest ride.

Deep-pocketed car collectors can bring their James Bond fantasies to life when the Aston Martin DB10, one of ten built to serve as 007’s cars in Spectre, is auctioned off in London on Feb. 18. Bidding is expected to top $1.4 million at the Christies sale, with all proceeds going to charity.

This will be the first DB10 to reach private hands. And fear not, it isn’t one of the Aston-Martins that got hammered through the streets during Spectre‘s chase scenes, which reportedly ruined $36 million worth of cars.

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It is one of only two show cars built for display, and was exhibited at the film’s world premiere at Royal Albert Hall. It also bears the signature of Spectre star Daniel Craig. Aston Martin has long been associated with Bond since 1964’s Goldfinger, which featured a DB5.

The silver Spectre DB10 is powered by a 4.7-liter V8 engine, and has a six-speed manual transmission for maximum driving fun on the way to an estimated 190 mph top speed. However, the since the DB10 is not street legal, its owner will have to unleash it on the track.

Aston Martin reminds prospective buyers: “The car is not homologated, certified or approved for use on any public roads and has not undergone the testing processes used for production cars, including but not limited to occupant safety, crash testing, durability and/or emissions of aftersales maintenance regimes.”

But if you can afford this car, you can probably afford the track time needed to truly test its mettle.

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