This Lamborghini Zodiac Truck Concept Is a ‘Lambo Rambo’ on Steroids

“I present to you the first ever concept Lamborghini Baja truck fit for the future and for…Armageddon.”


Back in 2018, a Lamborghini’s chief technical officer told Maxim exclusively that the famed “Lambo Rambo,” aka the LM002 produced in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, wouldn’t be making a return. Fortunately, graphic artist Ash Thorp revived the brutish Italian 4×4 in creating the “Zodiac.”

If you follow our online auto coverage, you might recognize Thorp as the X-Men: First Class and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare collaborator who advised fellow designer Carlos Pecino to base his “Vanguard” Baja race truck on the International Scout II. In turn, Pecino pushed Thorp.

“I think this is one of the most involved builds yet and it’s been so rewarding to bring to life,” Thorp wrote on Instagram. “@colorsponge [Pecino] and I have really pushed one another with these next builds.”

Both concepts featured ultra-aggro features fit for the toughest trails, including oversized wheel arches, monstrous wheels wrapped in hefty rubber, lifted bodies and bolstered suspensions.

The seed for Thorp’s creation was planted when he discovered the Lamborghini Cheetah, the very first prototype in the short-lived military truck’s lineage.

“I first came across Lamborghinis military concept truck the Cheetah which I was totally blown away by and later discovered the LM002 which I of course fell in love with.”

He continued, adding that his growing interest in Baja race trucks informed the Zodiac’s hulking stance.

“I started to get pretty obsessed with Baja trucks and how incredible those machines are and that’s when the idea came to me… a Baja ready LM002. I told @colorsponge  the idea and we both loved it! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the first ever concept Lamborghini Baja truck fit for the future and for…Armageddon.”

Thorp didn’t specify a power plant and instead asked followers to sound off in the comments. “What engine would you put in this beast? I read a few really fun suggestions. Would it be a V12 or EV or… both?”

Since he asked, how about a quad-turbo, 8.0-liter W16? After all, both Bugatti and Lamborghini are under the Volkswagen Group’s umbrella.