This Flying Drone Concept Was Inspired by 1950s-Era Ferrari Race Cars

A classic Ferrari racer could take flight in the form of a V12-powered tricopter.
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Lazzarini FD-One (1)

Lazzarini has moved from seafaring creations like the rocket-inspired F33 Spaziale yacht to the skies with a crazy new drone concept that harks to 1950s-era Ferrari race cars. 

The Rome-based design studio's FD-One features three pairs of co-axial propellers connected to a tubular shell that has a similar shape to that of a Ferrari 500, a model that the Italian marque made to compete the 1952 and 1953 Formula 2 seasons. Sketches show that power comes from a 740-horsepower engine and five battery packs.

Lazzarini FD-One (7)

According to Yanko Design, the open-cockpit tricopter would measure 24 feet long, weigh around 2,000 pounds, and have a top speed of 310 mph, but those specs could easily change if anyone actually fronts the money to build a prototype.

Lazzarini FD-One (6)

The FD-One is just the latest daring design from Lazzarini, which has also dipped into the world of architecture in the form of a floating pyramid complex dubbed "Wayaland." While that and the FD-One are admittedly pretty out there, the company's Royal Jet Capsule compact yacht has actually been built. 

Lazzarini FD-One (5)

Head to Lazzarini's website to see more wild creations after checking out more images of the FD-One below: 

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Lazzarini FD-One (6)
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