You Can Buy This Insane 1,200-HP Mustang Hellion For a Cool $50K

Just try to go faster for less money.

Ohio's Lebanon Ford can't leave well enough alone by just selling sexy new Ford Mustangs. Instead, they are offering the 1,200-horsepower twin-turbo Hellion modification package to the Mustang GTs they sell for a total price of $49,995.

LFP Hellion Mustang turbos

Unlike so many such upgrades, the price of the new Mustang is included in this purchase. The Hellion upgrade starts with a pair of enormous 62 mm turbochargers, intercooler and Basani cat-back exhaust system for $45,499.

LFP Mustang engine

To achieve the maximum of 1,200 horsepower at the rear wheels, the $49,995 Package 2 adds 95-pound fuel injectors, high-volume fuel and oil pumps and fatter rear-wheel halfshafts to withstand the added power.

The Mustang built its reputation on providing performance bang for the buck, and a pony car with Bugatti Veyron-like power for less than the price of a base Chevrolet Corvette continues that tradition.

h/t: The Drive