Meet The Manta—An Electric Aircraft That Takes Off Like a Helicopter and Lands Like a Plane

Welcome to the future of aviation.

Manta ANN2

Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft can take off and land vertically like a helicopter, but maintain the aerodynamic flight pattern an aircraft. Swiss manufacturer Manta is adding the ability to land on a just a 100-yard runway in its single-seat ANN1 and twin-seat ANN2 concepts. 

Manta ANN2

These are technically electric Short-Area Takeoff and Landing (eSTOL) aircraft, and they do have a major advantage over eVTOLs. According to Robb Report, a runway landing requires far less energy than a vertical landing, meaning eSTOLs can potentially carry a heavier payload without sacrificing significant range or speed. 

Recent tests on a ten-foot-long scale model project an 186-mph cruising speed over a maximum distance of 373 miles. Additionally, the ANNs carry fuel-powered generators that recharge the batteries on the fly. 

Manta ANN1 

Both feature a lightweight carbon composite frame, dual-wing high-speed V-tail, and eight motors, each with a designated ducted fan. According to Manta, the 18-foot wingspan ANN1 is designed for “sport competitions” that require “high-speed performance and exceptional maneuverability,” similar to the Alauda Racing Airspeeder

In contrast, the 22-foot wingspan ANN2 was imagined for general aviation and transport services, which is more akin to Hyundai and Uber’s air tax concept. Renderings of the ANN2 show cases for first responders like police, paramedics, and emergency response teams.  

Manta ANN2

Until a working prototype of either ANN1 or ANN2 is created, feel free to learn more at Manta’s website