The 1,000-HP Mean Metal Motors Azani EV is India’s First Electric Hypercar

This Indian-made road rocket supposedly costs four times less to manufacture than comparable all-electric exotics.

Mean Metal Motors Azani  (1)
Mean Metal Motors

India’s Mean Metal Motors has graduated from conceptualizing the country’s first supercar to creating its first all-electric supercar, the Azani. 

Motor 1 reports that the “triple M” automaker first cropped up in 2015 with the M-Zero, a hybrid that’s more faster and more powerful than any Indian production car. But the Azani brings specs that rival halo EVs from well-established brands like Tesla and the recently revived Hispano-Suiza

Mean Metal Motors

Specifics on the aluminum-bodied road rocket’s gasless powertrain are forthcoming, but total output is projected at 1,000 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque, allowing for a 2.1-second zero-to-60 mph gallop and a 220-mph max speed.

The Azani will also feature a double-wishbone suspension with adaptive damping, ventilated carbon braking, torque vectoring, advanced telematics, morphing seats, and other features found on the most elite performance road cars. 

Mean Metal Motors

Mean Metal Motors is currently taking on investors, and the selling point almost sounds too good to be true. According to Top Speed, the brand claims that compared to other hypercars, the Azani uses 100 times fewer components, making it four times cheaper to build and yielding twice the profit margin. 

Mean Metal Motors

Time tells whether MMM can deliver on these promises by late 2022, so these stunning renderings will have to tide us over.