The 1,577-HP Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Can Hit a Truly Insane 273 MPH

Good Lord.


The Bugatti Chiron has reigned as one of the most bonkers hypercars money can buy since it debuted in 2016, and the new Super Sport variant continues the Chiron’s over-the-top legacy. 

This isn’t to be confused with the Chiron Super Sport 300+ that saw a 30-unit production after a modified Chiron became the first roadgoing ride to break the 300-mph barrier. According to a source speaking to Car and Driver, the Chiron Super Sport is intended to be more comfortable and suitable to everyday use. 

“We tweaked all possible parameters when developing the chassis in order to achieve the best possible setup for immense acceleration as well as the unique Bugatti luxury and comfort experience,” Bugatti chassis engineer Jachin Schwalbe said in a statement. 


“In comparison to the Chiron Pur Sport, which, as a free-revving vehicle with transverse dynamics offers a great deal of downforce up to 350 km/h, the Chiron Super Sport remains very neutral and quiet even above this in the uppermost speed ranges. This vastly increases the feeling of safety,”

That said, it’s essentially the same car as the 300+. The VW-owned French marque’s famous 8.0-liter quad turbocharged W16 engine gets an upgraded cylinder head, oil pump, and turbochargers to achieve 1,577 hp, besting the Chiron and Chiron Sport’s output of 1,479 hp. 


The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission’s top gear was extended by 3.6 percent to accommodate a higher redline of 7,100 rpm, which allows a maximum of 1,180 pound-feet of torque to be accessed through a wider rev range. 

Its body package was designed in collaboration with race car chassis builder Dallara, featuring an elongated rear deck to increase fluid airflow, thereby reducing drag. Other aero-improved measures include the splitting of the exhaust pipes to flank either side of the diffuser and the implementation of holes on the top of each fender to release pressure from the wheel wells. 


All of these technical enhancements translate to what Bugatti is famous for: more speed. The Chiron Super Sport is electronically limited to 273 mph, in comparison to the Chiron Sport’s 261-mph max speed. It also reaches 249 mph (400 kph) seven percent faster.

Bugatti didn’t provide a zero-to-60 mph time, but it’s bound to be faster by that metric than the Chiron Sport, which recently became the fastest-accelerating ride ever tested by Car and Driver. Expect the Chiron Super Sport to take that title when the automotive authority puts it through the gauntlet. 

Priced at $3.9 million, the first Bugatti Chiron Super Sports will be delivered in early 2022.