Here's Your Chance to Buy the Actual KITT From 'Knight Rider'

Channel your inner Hoff for less than $40K.
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Pull on your leather jacket and find your inner David Hasselhoff, because one of the original Knight Rider TV show KITT cars is going to auction Sept. 19 at the Volo Auto Museum and can be yours for between $35,000 and $40,000.

Not bad!

David Hasselhoff and KITT (Photo: NBC/Getty)

David Hasselhoff and KITT (Photo: NBC/Getty)

In addition to the various regular KITTs, the show's producers also built a trio of Super Pursuit Mode KITTs, which were equipped with various go-faster add-ons.

KITT Pursuit5

This car is Super Pursuit Mode KITT #3, which was built as a back-up for #2, which was used in all the action sequences but which was never filmed. Car #1 was purely for special effects, showing the deployment of all the add-on bits that are fixed in place on #3.

KITT Pursuit2

In addition to those stationary Super Pursuit Mode body modifications, this car also has functional flaps on the rear quarters that would fold away from the car to act as air brakes, much as the rear wing on the McLaren 675LT stands up to help slow the car.

KITT Pursuit3

At the front, KITT #3 has the scanning red light and inside it features the KITT dash and steering wheel. Get your bidding paddle ready and you too can fight crime from inside a sleek black Pontiac.

KITT Pursuit4

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