Paul Walker's Super Rare Shelby 427 Cobra Roadster Is for Sale

The red-hot roadster is one of two "Ferrari's Ass is Mine" editions commissioned by Carroll Shelby.
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Late Fast and Furious star Paul Walker didn't just play a gearhead in high-octane blockbusters, he personally owned enough hot rods, rear-wheel drifters and other racy rides to fill a small car dealership. One extraordinarily rare example is this 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra "FAM" up for Mecum's Glendale 2021 auction from March 18-20. 

The three-letter designation isn't a nod to the Fast characters' dedication to family, but an acronym for "Ferrari's Ass is Mine" featured on just two Carroll Shelby-commissioned Cobra 427s. The legendary American auto designer's premonition was fulfilled a year later, when Ford beat Ferrari and the 1966 Le Mans with Shelby's GT40 race car

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The hand-rolled aluminum body built by Britain's AC Cars is also dressed in a Maranello's Rossa Corsa red, presumably as another shot at Ferrari. Hi Consumption reports that the roadster runs a Shelby 427-cubic-inch (7.0) liter FE aluminum V8 that pummels 550-horsepower through a five-speed Tremec transmission. Shelby also built the differential housing and calipers, while Wilwood supplied the brakes. 

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Ferrari's tan leather was also used on the FAM-badged interior, which also features Shelby custom carpeting, a 15-inch traditional style steering wheel and an all-analog 427 S/C dashboard that shows just three miles on the odometer.

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Mecum doesn't list a pre-sale value. But considering that Hagerty has assigned a maximum value over $2 million for any 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra in this kind of condition, the sky's the limit for Walker's one-of-two FAM edition.

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